Welcome to my blog,  I will post tutorials to help you understand and edit your Fujfilm Mirrorless X series Raw files (RAF) , some reviews about Fujifilm items like cameras and lenses, as well as multimedia stuff like smartphones and other tech.

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I bought a Hoya Red Enhancer filter for my XF 16mm f1.4 which is known as a solid light pollution filter, I will try it as soon as the season of the Milky Way starts

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Part 1 of my Fuji X-T20 Review is up , the rest will follow soon

Fujifilm X-T20 review


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Fujifilm is releasing two new lenses that landscape shooters will love.

XF 8-16mm f2.8 , amazing super wide to wide field of view, but be prepared to pay a 2000$

XF 16mm f2.8 , which will come a bit later, it should cost as much as the actual 23mm f2 or slightly more. Let’s hope it will have the excellency of the 16mm f1.4   minus the narrower aperture (that would explain the 1/2 price).


My HTC U11 review after months of S8 is out.

DSCF8228 2

My Lowepro Tahoe BP150 backpak review is out.


How to prevent condensation in your camera/lens in very cold conditions



4K HDR TVs, is it the right time to buy?



The Galaxy S8 viewed from an HTC fan article has been updated with a 6 months later section!



My XF 23mm F2 long term Review has been updated with the astrophotography section.

Mon Test du XF 23mm f2 a été mis a jour avec la section d’astrophotographie.


You can buy one or more of my photos in full size at My Shutterstock or My 500px. I will continuously upload photos on shutterstock.

New tutorial: How to manually remove Purple Fringing and Chromatic aberration using Capture One

Image26 Image27

18th November News: I am preparing my quick review of Luminar 2018, stay tuned!

New version of Sequator:

There is a new version of Sequator for Windows with this changelog:

1.4a 64-bit

– Some changes on UI

– New “selective” option on Freeze Ground mode: perform pixel rejection on sky region

– Fix bug – reduce light pollution may perform strangely on over-exposed results

Visit the Sequator download page: Here

Sequator is the free tool I used for my Milky Way and light pollution photography tutorial


Fuji X Passion  published my Milky Way and light pollution photography tutorial in their November Magazine edition.  Grab the Magazine here



For people who tried my Milky Way and light pollution photography tutorial and got interesting results, please send me your photo(s) to jeff.liban@gmail.com so I will post the best of them to promote you as photographs here


The Milky Way and light pollution photography tutorial using Fuji is finally available.



Tutorial: How to enable Gear VR screen mode with any VR headset



My Fujifilm X-T10 Long term review, is up!


The Galaxy S8 viewed from an HTC fan



New Tutorial for Fuji Raf

Clarity tutorial, the touch of magic!

DSCF2401 2DSCF2401 3


And stuff section: HTC U 11 Hands on!

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-27 at 14.02.54


Mon Test du XF 23mm f2 en Français!



For English version check here


My XC 16-50 II Review is Updated as of 30 April 2017


New! my first review in French

Mon Test du XC 16-50 II en Français



For English version please go here


My Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Preview



My XF 23mm F2 long term Review


Newest Tutorial : Shadows and Highlights in Capture One

deees    qasx

Review: XC 16-50 II Review



Tutorial: Sharpening Raf with Capture One Pro





You can buy one or more of my photos in full size at My Shutterstock or My 500px


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