How to manually remove purple fringing and Chromatic aberration using Capture One

If there is one thing that is bothering me with Capture One Pro it’s the poor purple fringing and chromatic aberration removal control, so in cases of these situations I have to use my own manual control, though even if I have to work a bit more on my photo the result is perfect.

What is purple fringing?

From Wikipedia:

In photography, and particularly in digital photography, purple fringing (sometimes called PF) is the term for an out-of-focus purple or magenta “ghost” image on a photograph. This defect is generally most visible as a coloring and lightening of dark edges adjacent to bright areas of broad-spectrum illumination, such as daylight or various types of gas discharge lamps.

You can easily get purple fringing when  shooting trees against the sun for example, it will do some purple/pink shadow all along the leaves that are against the sunlight.

Here I will share how we can go from this:

DSCF5911 5

To this:

DSCF5911 4


You can notice in the 1st photo the purple/pink fringing around the trees leaves  where they are against the sun. In the second photo it’s the result I got using my manual fix.



Capture One ”automatic” tools


Now let’s explore Capture One’s own tools to reduce Chromatic aberration and purple fringing.

You start by going to the ”Lens Correction” Tab


Then tick ”Chromatic Aberration


Then when you click on the 3 points case right next to Chromatic Aberration, click on ”Analyze


Before and after:

DSCF5911 7


DSCF5911 8.jpg


I personally don’t see any removal of the purple fringing using this option, some of you will say it’s normal because Chromatic Aberration and purple fringing is not always the same.

So let’s try the second tool given by Capture One, the ”Defringe” option.

It’s still in the ”Lens Correction” tab under the ”Purple Fringing” section:


Of course push it to the max meaning 100.

Let’s see now the before and after result:

DSCF5911 9.jpg


DSCF5911 10.jpg


Zoomed at 150%

DSCF5911 11


DSCF5911 12


As you can see there is definitely a reduction of the purple fringing using the defringe tool though it’s not enough.



Now let’s use my manual fix!!


Let’s start by going to the Local Adjustment because we want to work only on the area where the purple fringing is without touching the rest of the photo.


Press on the + icon to add a new layer and keep it as ”Adjust


Now click on the paintbrush icon right next to the + icon. this is the ”Draw Mask” tool we will use to select all the areas where we see the purple fringe.

We want to set the paint brush options so select the ”cursor tool settings” which is the icon on left of the paint brush one.

Set Hardness, Opacity and Flow to 100%

Set the (brush) size to a not too big nor too small circle, in my case it’s 190, but it could be too small for your photo’s purple fringe area, so resize accordingly to each situation.

Auto Mask is not needed here, it’s even better to disable it so it won’t reduce the area we are drawing.


Ok now on the photo we want to draw the mask all over the areas where we see the purple fringe.


Ok now go to the ”Color Editor” section and ”Advanced


And now the color picker tool


In your photo zoom on a place where you can easily see the purple fringing like here and click on a pink or purple pixel:

DSCF5911 12

See the pure pink color it picked?


Like in this screenshot, decrease Saturation to -100.

And now the immediate result at 150% zoom:

DSCF5911 14.jpg

We still have a very slight purple fringe in the branches, we will repeat the same thing by selecting the purple pixel with the color picker tool, and decrease the saturation to -100.

This time it’s not pink but dark purple:


The result:

DSCF5911 15.jpg

With this photo we are done, but with other photos you can have more purple/pink fringing tonality so you will need to repeat the last step one or more additional times till all pink and purple fringe are gone.

Here the final result, as you can see decreasing these 2 colors saturation didn’t affect the photo colors while reducing 99% of the purple fringing and chromatic aberration.

DSCF5911 16.jpg

On a side note: I tried the same principle of selected area + purple fringing tool instead of color picking but it made no difference, the fringing was exactly the same as before.

As usual if you have any questions regarding this tutorial please ask them here 🙂